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Owning a suppressor in Michigan is easier than you think

You can own a silencer if:

  • You are at least 21 years of age to buy from a dealer.

  • Are a resident of the USA.

  • Live in the state of Michigan

  • Do not have any felony convictions. 

  • Pay a one-time $200 Transfer Tax.

  • Pass a BATFE background check with a typical process time of 120-365 days.

​The suppressor can be owned individually, as a trust, or as a corporation.

We even have a Silencershop Kiosk to help. We are a one-stop suppressor shop.


For purchases in Michigan, you choose the silencer you want, you then buy it, we work together on the paperwork and then we submit the paperwork (form 5320.4 AKA Form 4) and the $200 transfer tax to the BATFE. You will have to submit fingerprints and photos. You no longer need local law enforcement (CLEO) sign off, however you are required to notify your local law enforcement that you are transferring an NFA item (you submit a simple BATFE form to them).


Once your item is approved, you simply return to us and pick it up . You do have to submit a BATFE form 4473 (same form you fill out to purchase a gun) at the time of pickup, but there is no background check as this was already completed by the BATFE.

Silencerco Hybrid Michigan suppressor
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